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Eastern Hokkaido Area

This is an area for exploring nature, including Tokachi with its rural scenery and gourmet food, the Akan-Mashu National Park area with its mysterious natural scenery, and Shunkunitai, one of the world’s best bird-watching areas.
Eastern Hokkaido Area

Kushiro City

Kushiro City is a major transportation hub for sightseeing in East Hokkaido. The port town of Kushiro is rich in fresh seafood such as Akinata fish, salmon, and crabs. Kushiro City was first opened in the “Kusuri place” near Tsurugatai Park, and Ainu chashi (flat castle) by Lake Harukata have been found nearby. Kushiro also prospered as a coal town with large underground coal fields. Kushiro is famous for its Kushiro Marshlands National Park and Lake Akan. Both the red-crowned crane and the marimo are nationally designated as precious monuments.

Area Attractions
Kushiro Marsh / Lake Akan / Marimo / Tantou Cranes / Ainu Kotan / Norokko-go / SL / Winter Canoeing / Kushiro Tairyo Donpaku / Lake Akanko Onsen / Washo Market

Local Gourmet
Kettledon / Robata-yaki / Spakatsu

Tokachi-Obihiro City

The vast agricultural area of 1 city, 16 towns, and 2 villages centered on Obihiro City is called Tokachi. It is the largest food base/factory area in Japan. Vegetables, grains, dairy, and dairy products are produced and shipped throughout Japan. The area is also home to the world-famous Tokachigawa Hot Springs with its high quality mall hot springs, and outdoor sports activities that take advantage of its location in the Daisetsuzan National Park to the north, Hidaka Mountain Range National Park to the west, and Akan Mashu National Park to the east.

Area Attractions
Banei Horseracing/Old Kofuku Station/Hokkaido Garden Highway/Tokachi Plain(Memuro)/Tokachi Ranch White birch lined road(Otofuke)/Lake Onneto (Ashoro)/Shikaribetsu Lake and Shikaribetsu Lakeside Onsen(Shikaoi)/Ikeda Wine Castle(Ikeda)/Jugyogeori(Sarabetsu)/Ginga no Mori Observatory(Rikubetsu)

Local Gourmet & Products
Pork bowl / Tokachi Wagyu Beef / Shintoku Soba / Tokachi Wine / Cheese / Sweets

Teshikaga Town

Teshikaga Town has about 56% of Akan Mashu National Park and is home to popular spots such as Lake Mashu, which is popular in Asia, Lake Kussharo, Mount Io-zan, and Kawayu Hot Springs, famous for its strong acidic springs. In recent years, outdoor activities such as cycling, canoeing along the Kushiro River, and trekking have become popular. It takes about 80 minutes from Kushiro City to Teshikaga Town by train, and about 100 minutes to the popular Kawayu Onsen Station.

Area Attractions
Lake Mashu / Lake Kussharo / Mt. Iou / Kinmuto / Sand bath / Wakoto Peninsula / Kotan Onsen / Kawayu Onsen / 900 grassland / Experience Farm / Bihoro Pass / Ashiyu

Local Gourmet
Mashu Soba / Mashu Sea Bream / Mashu Highball / Mashu Wagyu Beef

Nemuro Ctiy

Nemuro City, the city closest to the sunrise at the easternmost tip of Japan, is home to Shunkunitai and Furenko Lake, which have attracted the attention of birdwatchers from the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Hokkaido’s unique animals such as Steller’s sea eagles, white-tailed sea eagles, red-crowned cranes, white-tailed cranes, Etopilika, Ezo owls, foxes, Ezo sika deer, Ezo squirrels, etc. are also targets. Nemuro is an enjoyable town to walk around, with its eight scenic views and Nemuro’s soul food.

Area Attractions
Cape Nosappu / Lake Furen / Shunkunitai / Cape Hanasaki ‘Kurumaishi’ / Northern Natural Flower Garden / Cape Ochiishi / Meiji Park / Onneto / Birds / Footpaths / Nemuro Crab Festival / Etopirika / Northern Territories Museum

Special Product
Escalope / Holand-senbei / Yakitori bento / Homerun-yaki / Hanasaki crab / Teppo soup / Nemuro Sanma sushi roll