Obihiro Airport Area

The Tokachi Plain, which stretches to the south of the Daisetsuzan National Park, is volcanic ash land that was cultivated through the efforts of transplanters. Today, it is one of the leading producers of soybeans, red beans, sugar beets, wheat, and potatoes in Japan. Livestock such as cattle, pigs, and chickens are also raised here, and the area is famous for its meat and dairy products. This place is known as the “Kingdom of Food.

Sightseeing:Tokachi Plain / Lake Shikaribetsu / Arch Bridge / Old Kofuku Station / Ikeda Wine Castle / Garden Road / Juhyo / Mole Onsen / Banei Horseracing / Kachimai Fireworks Festival / Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan / Pork Bowl / Tokachi Cheese / Tokachi Wine / Sweets

Tokachi-Obihiro Airport area

Tokachi-Obihiro Airport
to suburban area

❷ To Obihiro Station

Buses bound for Obihiro-ekimae Terminal Station
Car and Rental car

❷ From Obihiro Station

❸ To Tokachigawa Onsen

45 Bound for Tokachigawa Onsen on the Tokachigawa Onsen Line
Car and Rental car

❷→❹ To Ikeda Station

JR Nemuro Main Line bound for Kushiro
Car and Rental car

❼ To Hiro-cho

6060 For Hiroo Hondori 7-chome, Hiroo Line
Car and Rental car

❼→❽ To Cape Erimo

Nissho Line : Bound for Erimomisaki in the direction of Erimomisaki and Samani
Car and Rental car

❾ To Nukabira Lake

51. Nukabira Line : Bound for Tokachi Bus Nukabira Business Office
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