Commerce, Industry, Labor
and Tourism Division of Mori-machi

Address:144-1 Miyukicho, Mori-machi, Kayabe-gun, Hokkaido
TEL: +81-1374-7-1284

Commerce, Industry, Labor and Tourism Division of Mori-machi
official site (Japanese)

Mori Tourism Association

Address:144-1 Miyukicho, Mori-machi, Kayabe-gun, Hokkaido
TEL: +81-1374-7-1286

Mori Tourism Association official site (Japanese)

1. Welcome to Mori-machi


Mori-machi is a nature-rich town close to Mt. Komagatake in Hokkaido and Uchiura Bay which are landmarks of the Southern Hokkaido district.
Uchiura Bay which are landmarks of the Southern Hokkaido district. The area is surrounded in abundant forest, with woods just short of the coast of Uchiura Bay. For example, the dynamic natural scenery of the Torizaki Valley is a symbol of the qualities of Mori-machi. The topographical arc of Uchiura Bay forms a natural port. The nourishment from Mori-machi's mountains keeps the sea rich with delicious, fresh seafood including scallops, Alaska pollock, hair crab, botan shrimp. That's why many who are a fan of good eating, are fans of Mori-machi. It's about one hour's drive from Hakodate. Please visit Mori-machi where you can actively enjoy the green forest and blue sea in nature.
Ikameshi (stuffed squid) is also a local specialty of Mori-machi

Mascot characters 'Kuritan, Sakurin'
Mascot characters 'Kuritan, Sakurin'

The mascot characters of Mori-machi are Kuritan, based on the Kayabe chestnut (kuri) from the town's trees, and Sakurin, based on the town's cherry blossoms (sakura). It's a pleasure to meet you all!

Mt. Komagatake in Hokkaido

Mt. Komagatake in Hokkaido
A mountain in the shape of a horse's back at 1,132 meters above sea level. The landmark of Southern Hokkaido. The mountain trail is suitable for beginners at approximately 900 meters. Why not come feel the grandeur of Hokkaido viewing Mount Yotei, Uchiura Bay and more climbing on the course for about 1 hour? After descending the mountain, the onsen hot springs look inviting.

Oniushi Park

Oniushi Park
The name Oniushi means a place with many trees in the Ainu language. It's a park where approximately 500 beautiful cherry trees of 20 kinds bloom.

Torizaki Hakkei

Torizaki Hakkei
A natural scene of a dynamic ravine appears when you go ahead through the Torizaki River where water flows upstream from the volcanic bay (Uchiura Bay). The Torizaki Valley is among the eight views as particularly beautiful and powerful place.

The monument of disembark in Washinoki.(Former Shogunate Army)

The monument of disembark in Washinoki.
 (Former Shogunate Army)

It is known as the place where the Former Shogunate Army Enomoto Takeaki and Hijikata Toshizo landed.

Nigorikawa Onsen

Nigorikawa Onsen
The hot spring resort in the upstream basin of Nigorikawa. Seven tasteful old-fashioned facilities are open. Lodging or day trip are possible .
The spring quality is high in saline and warms from the core of the body. You may come to like the austere atmosphere of normal life.

Greenpia Onuma

Greenpia Onuma
It is a general resort facility of Mori-machi. Restaurants, one-day hot springs, accommodation, camping, cottages, pools, athletics, tennis, park golf, rent-a-bicycle, sports rider (summer bobsled), and activities such as skiing in the winter.

Michi-no-Eki You Yu Mori

Michi-no-Eki You Yu Mori
It's a superb view point of Mori-machi from here. You can overlook Mt. Komagatake, Mt. Yotei and the volcanic bay (Uchiura Bay), and you can enjoy the bright scenery of the Oniushi Park just before your eyes and the neighboring Aobagaoka Park in the cherry blossom season.

3. Cuisine of Mori-machi

Mori Ikameshi (stuffed squid)

Mori Ikameshi (stuffed squid)
Hokkaido is the place for ikameshi, Mori-machi in particular. It even ranks high consistently in the national ekiben (station lunchbox) ranking.

Mori Sushi Paradise

Mori Sushi Paradise
The rich fishery products of the Mori fishing port are outstanding, even for sushi. There is a sushi restaurant published by Michelin.
There is a lot of competition with Mori sushi. It's very popular.

Mori Soba

Mori Soba
How would you like some hand made soba ground in a stone mortar? Zaru-soba? This is Mori soba, served on a bamboo draining basket with sauce!

Mori Pork

Mori Pork
'Hikoma pig' which was grown by Particular feed and Breeding method.
Also you can eat pork steak, pork cutlets, pork bowl and so on.

Mori Ramen Noodle Soup

Mori Ramen Noodle Soup
The soup stock is delicious when rich in seafood. The simple ramen noodles are naturally great.

Mori Bread

Mori Bread
The dough is made so very carefully along the whole process taking great care, then baked in the oven using charcoal of Mori-machi.

Mori Kamaboko (boiled fish paste)

Mori Kamaboko (boiled fish paste)
The Mori fishing port also hauls in Alaska pollock, and there is delicious kamaboko!

Mori Ice-Cream (gelato)

Mori Ice-Cream (gelato)
The farm called Mt. Komagatake milk which it produces and sells is in Mori-machi. This directly managed shop has abundant kinds, too.

4. Events of Mori-machi

Mori-machi Cherry Blossom Festival (Early May) Mori-machi Cherry Blossom Festival (Early May)
Summer Festival in Mori (Early August) Summer Festival in Mori (Early August)

Festival of three industries (agriculture, commerce and fishing) (Late August) Festival of three industries (agriculture,
commerce and fishing) (Late August)
Sawara Furusato Festival (Mid September) Sawara Furusato Festival (Mid September)

Mori Akiaji Festival (Late October) Mori Akiaji Festival (Late October)

5. Specialty local products of Mori-machi

Kelp soy sauce Kelp soy sauce
Green soybeans (Tamafukura) Green soybeans (Tamafukura)
Ikameshi (stuffed squid) Ikameshi (stuffed squid)
Miyako Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) Miyako Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin)
Scallop Ogonyaki Scallop Ogonyaki
Kamaboko (boiled fish paste) Kamaboko (boiled fish paste)
Mini Tomate Aiko Mini Tomate Aiko
Komagatake Sumi no mori Komagatake Sumi no mori

6. Mori-machi Weather

  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Average temperature
-3.2 -3.2 0.4 5.8 10.8 15.3 18.5 20.9 17.2 11.2 4.7 -1.3
53.0 63.8 65.2 80.8 83.9 56.4 137.7 161.1 102.8 91.9 116.0 90.0

7. Access to Mori-machi

Inter-city Express Bus

<Kosoku Hakodate-gou>Reservation required

・Operation company : Chuo Bus, Hokuto Kotsu, Donan Bus
・Sapporo - Mori : Adults 4,280 yen, children 2,140 yen. Required time: 4 hours, 23 minutes
・Sapporo - Hakodate : Adults 4,900 yen, children 2,450 yen. Required time: 5 hours, 35 minutes
Sapporo Ekimae
Sapporo Ekimae(bus stop on the south side
of Tokyu Department Store)
Mori-machi Hakodate Ekimae
7:50a.m. - 0:13p.m. 1:25p.m.
9:10a.m. - - 2:40p.m.
10:50a.m. - 3:13p.m. 4:25p.m.
1:10p.m. - 5:33p.m. 6:45p.m.
3:10p.m. - 7:33p.m. 8:45p.m.
4:50p.m. - - 10:20p.m.
6:10p.m. - 10:33p.m. 11:45p.m.
- 11:35p.m. - 5:15a.m.
Hakodate Ekimae Mori-machi Sapporo Ekimae
7:28a.m. 8:40a.m. 0:58p.m.
8:58a.m. 10:10a.m. 2:28p.m.
10:28a.m. - 3:53p.m.
1:18p.m. 2:30p.m. 6:48p.m.
2:48p.m. - 8:13p.m.
4:18p.m. 5:30p.m. 9:48p.m.
6:18p.m. 7:30p.m. 11:48p.m.
11:25p.m. - 5:35a.m.

JR Limited express

Sapporo - Mori : Adults 8,560 yen, children 4,280 yen.
Sapporo - Hakodate : Adults 9,440 yen, children 4,720 yen.
Hokuto Sapporo Mori Hakodate
No.2 6:00a.m. 8:50a.m. 9:33a.m.
No.4 6:52a.m. 9:54a.m. 10:38a.m.
No.6 8:43a.m. 11:49a.m. 0:34p.m.
No.8 9:38a.m. 0:48p.m. 1:35p.m.
No.10 10:57a.m. 1:59p.m. 2:41p.m.
No.12 0:09p.m. 3:20p.m. 4:08p.m.
No.14 1:27p.m. 4:30p.m. 5:13p.m.
No.16 2:38p.m. 5:43p.m. 6:26p.m.
No.18 3:30p.m. 6:39p.m. 7:24p.m.
No.20 4:51p.m. 7:57p.m. 8:39p.m.
No.22 6:47p.m. 9:48p.m. 10:31p.m.
Hokuto Hakodate Mori Sapporo
No.1 6:02a.m. 6:48a.m. 9:50a.m.
No.3 7:37a.m. 8:24a.m. 11:28a.m.
No.5 9:00a.m. 9:47a.m. 0:49p.m.
No.7 10:05a.m. 10:51a.m. 1:52p.m.
No.9 10:45a.m. 11:33a.m. 2:38p.m.
No.11 0:15p.m. 1:02p.m. 4:04p.m.
No.13 1:31p.m. 2:23p.m. 5:30p.m.
No.15 3:01p.m. 3:48p.m. 6:47p.m.
No.17 4:40p.m. 5:26p.m. 8:35p.m.
No.19 5:52p.m. 6:38p.m. 9:37p.m.
No.21 6:48p.m. 7:33p.m. 10:41p.m.

※change on March 18, 2023

To suburbs by Hakodate Bus

  1. Santai Iriguchi
  2. Nigorikawa Seibu Niku・・・Fureai no Sato
  3. Nigorikawa Seibu Ikku
  4. Chuo Nodo
  5. Nigorikawa (Nigorikawa Route)
  6. Chuo Nigorikawa・・・・・Ten-yu, Goshiki no Yu, Shinei-kan
  7. Kaedebashi・・・・・・・ Chuo-so
  8. Onsen Iriguchi・・・・・ ・Mikansei
  9. Ichigobashi  ・・・・・・・Nikori no Yu
  10. Shimonigorikawa
  11. Kamihonkayabe
  12. Honkayabe
  13. Ishiya Ekimae・・・・・・JR Connection
  14. Ebiya
  15. Ebiya Iriguchi
  16. Shiseki Koenmae
  17. Washinoki
  18. Fujimicho
  19. Washinoki Shogakkomae
  20. Torisaki
  21. Torisakibashi
  22. Mori Ekimae・・・・・・JR Connection
  23. Mori Keisatsushomae
  24. Midorigaoka Danchi
  25. Mori Kokuho Byoinmae
  26. Midorigaoka Danchi
  27. Mori Keisatsushomae
  28. Mori Ekimae
  29. Mori Annaijo
  30. Morikawacho・・・・・・To Mitake Iriguchi, Hakodate Bus Center
  31. Morikawacho Niku
  32. Morikawacho Yonku
  33. Himekawa
  34. Shirakawa Iriguchi
  35. Higashiyama
  36. Shimonishiyama
  37. Nishiyama
  38. Kaminishiyama
  39. Komagatake Ekidori
  40. Soda Bokujomae・・・・Charolais Ranch
  41. Itagoyazawa
  42. Nenkin Hoyo Kichi Iriguchi
  43. Akaigawa・・・・・・・Kerun, Pikata no Mori, Lucky Pierrot, Hikoma-buta Shokudo

Hakodate Bus Center
Oshamanbe Terminal

  1. Ishikura・・・・・・・JR Connection
  2. Gakurinmae
  3. Honishikura・・・・・JR Connection
  4. Ishikura Gakkomae
  5. Shimonigorikawa
  6. Kamihonkayabe
  7. Honkayabe
  8. Ishiya Ekimae・・・・JR Connection
  9. Ebiya
  10. Ebiya Iriguchi
  11. Shiseki Koenmae ・・Washinoki Shiseki Park, Landing Point of Enomoto Army
  12. Washinoki ・・・・・JR Connection (Katsuragawa)
  13. Fujimicho
  14. Washinoki Shogakkomae
  15. Torisaki
  16. Torisakibashi
  17. Mori Ekimae ・・・・JR Connection
  18. Mori Annaijo
  1. Sawara Higashi 3-chome
  2. Sawara 6-chome
  3. Sawara Bokujomae
  4. Hamanasu Green Park-mae
  5. Sawara 5-chome
  6. Uchiura
  7. Sawara 4-chome・・・・・JR Connection
  8. Sawara 3-chome
  9. Sawara 2-chome
  10. Yubinkyokumae
  11. Sawara Shishomae・・・・Michi-no-Eki Tsudoru Plaza Sawara, Flower Road
  12. Sawara Chugakkomae
  13. Sawara Yochien
  14. Shintoshi Sawara Byoinmae
  15. Sawara Nishi 4-chome
  16. Sawara Nishi
  17. Sawayaka Center Shita
  18. Kakarima Ekidori・・・・JR Connection
  19. Kakarima Jinjamae
  20. Sawara Nishi 1-chome
  21. Sawara Oshidashi
  22. Oshidashi
  23. Oshironai Oshidashi
  24. Oshironai Jinjamae
  25. Oshironai Ekimae・・・・JR Connection
  26. Oshironai Shogakkodori
  27. Nakanokawa (Sawara Route)
  28. Minatocho
  29. Shinkawa
  30. Kamishinkawa・・・・・Sushi Maoka, Ramen Jirocho, Iroha Sushi, Yu Sushi
  31. Mori Annaijo
  32. Mori Ekimae  ・・・・・JR Mori station, Mori Pier Ruins (Historical), Tokotei, Gachapin, Sushi Ooneda, Kakyo
  33. Mori Keisatsushomae
  34. Mori Kokuho Byoinmae
  35. Mori Ekimae
  36. Mori Annaijo
  37. Midorigaoka Danchi・・Mori Information Office - Mori High School
  38. Mori Chomin Kyujo
  39. Hoshoen
  40. Mori no Sato Byoin
  41. Mori Chomin Kyujo
  42. Mori Kokuho Byoinmae
  43. Midorigaoka Danchi
  44. Mori Keisatsushomae
  45. Mori Ekimae
  46. Mori Annaijo
  47. Mori Koko
  48. Mori Ekimae
  49. Mori Annaijo
  50. Mori Koko

Getting around Mori-machi on foot

8. Hokkaido's Main City for Tourism

9. Bus lines connecting Hokkaido