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Hokkaido is about 1/4 the size of Japan (about 40 times the size of Tokyo), an island surrounded by the sea on three sides and home to about 5.09 million people, rich in nature, and with a thriving agriculture, forestry, and fishery industry. Popular tourist areas are divided into five major categories.
*Administratively, the island is managed by 14 branches (blocks).
In recent years, with the global popularity of AT (Adventure tourism), Hokkaido’s natural experiences, cultural and historical experiences, and life experiences in snow country have become popular. Information on cultural and historical experiences and living in snow country is required in each of the five areas, so here is a brief overview. For details, please refer to each section and the municipalities that are providing the information.

  • <Hokkaido> 83,450 km²
  • Characteristics = Unique ecological area north of the Braxton Line
  • The island was settled by immigrants from all over Japan after 1862.
  • 500 km in a straight line from east to west (about 11 hours by car/725 km by highway)
  • 400 km in a straight line from north to south (about 9 hours by car / 526 km by highway)
  • Length of roads in Hokkaido = 89,377 km
  • Number of airports = 13
  • Population = about 5.09 million
  • Number of municipalities = 179
  • Industries in Hokkaido = Except for Sapporo City, field crops, rice cultivation, dairy farming, fishing, and forestry are thriving.
  • Central City = Sapporo
  • Central Airport = New
  • Chitose International Airport
  • Number of ski resorts = 7
  • Number of National Parks = 13, UNESCO registered Geoparks = 2
  • World Heritage Sites = 2
  • Famous sightseeing cities = Hakodate, Otaru, Noboribetsu, Furano, Akan, Shiretoko
  • Nature = Powder snow, drift ice, tancho, marimo, lavender
  • Culture = Ainu culture, Jomon culture

Oshima Branch Office, Hiyama Branch Office
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  • Hakodate City and Surrounding Area
  • Hokkaido History from Esashi to Matsumae
  • Jomon Culture
  • Mori Machi, Nanae Town, Shikabe Town, Hokuto City, Kikonai Town, Esashi Town

Sapporo City, Ishikari Branch Office, Shiribeshi Branch Office, Iburi Branch Office, Hidaka Branch Office, Southern Sorachi Branch Office
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  • Noboribetsu, Toya
  • Niseko
  • Hidaka
  • Ainu Culture
  • Sapporo City, Otaru City

Kamikawa Branch Office, Soya Branch Office, Rumoi Branch Office, Northern Sorachi Branch Office
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  • Around Daisetsuzan National Park
  • Furano, Biei
  • Rishiri, Rebun, Wakkanai
  • Ainu Culture
  • Kamikawa Town

Tokachi Branch Office, Kushiro Branch Office, Nemuro City Office
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  • Southern part of Daisetsuzan
  • Three Lakes of Eastern Hokkaido
  • Nemuro Peninsula
  • Ainu Culture
  • Teshikaga Town, Tsubetsu Town, Nemuro

Okhotsk Area = Abashiri Branch Office
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  • Abashiri City – Utoro
  • Ainu Culture
  • Abashiri City

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