Support site for "Hokkaido Comprehensive Tourist Map (Marumaru Hokkaido)" for a bird's eye view of sightseeing in Hokkaido

Hokkaido Information for Slow Travel|Marumaru Hokkaido

Hokkaido Information for Slow Travel|Marumaru Hokkaido

These five areas of Hokkaido are deep, interesting and popular. The airports in each area are connected to Tokyo International Airport Haneda. 90% of visitors to the five areas visit these areas, which confirms the popularity of these areas. Why not take the time to visit each area?
Nowadays, “slow and enjoyable travel” is popular in Hokkaido. Traveling by personal arrangement is on the rise, and a “slow trip” can be enjoyed by deeply appreciating the area’s nature, experiences, history, culture, town walking, and gourmet food. The trip is enlivened by interaction and conversation with local people. Hokkaido can be enjoyed many times: in winter when it is covered with snow, in spring and early summer when flowers bloom all at once, and in autumn when the leaves change color.

  • Skiing in Niseko and strolling along Otaru Canal (Central Hokkaido)
  • World’s Three Greatest Night Views of Mount Hakodate (Southern Hokkaido)
  • Daisetsuzan, lavender, and the Blue Pond (North Hokkaido)
  • Kushiro Marsh, red-crowned cranes, and the three lakes of East Hokkaido (East Hokkaido)
  • Shiretoko Natural Heritage Site, drift ice, Notsuke Peninsula (Okhotsk)

Marumaru HOKKAIDO = Hokkaido MAP for 2024 has been completed.

The generously sized B2 shows Hokkaido. Distribution will begin overseas and in Japan (after November 1, 2023). After the specified number of copies are distributed, a fee will be charged (500 yen per copy, 210 yen excluding shipping and handling charges).
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Linked with Gnome, a digital map that provides special features on five popular areas in Hokkaido, information on transportation within and outside the area, and easy access to information on the surrounding area from your current location or destination. Support for travel planning with a smartphone.
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