Sapporo's 25 best power spots to make your wishes come true + Special feature on shrines where you can get a red seal.

Power spots are places where mystical powers are believed to reside in land or buildings. Shrines, temples, forests, waterfalls, hot springs, and volcanoes are considered typical power spots. Here we introduce some of the most beneficial shrines in Sapporo.
A “red seal” is a “record of your relationship with the gods and Buddha” that you receive at shrines and temples, and it is a valuable item that contains the name of the company where the god resides, the name of the Buddha, and other information. A red seal is a token of your visit to a shrine or temple. Basically, red seals are written on a red seal book, but in the absence of the writer or in cases of special specifications, a red seal may be left on the book.
The shrine is a power spot with benefits.