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The latest information on the best souvenir stores in Sapporo, Hokkaido. You can buy genuine Japanese products, brand-name goods, new products, and valuables at reasonable prices with peace of mind. You can also find out how to get tax exemption.
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Sapporo Parco is a popular destination for urban fashion and the latest trendy items in the heart of Sapporo, and is a mecca for fashion and culture in Hokkaido.
Directly connected to Odori Subway Sta. / BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE / Onitsuka Tiger / MUJI / JUMP SHOP / RESTAURANT CAFE


If you are looking for Japanese household medicines, cosmetics, skin care products, and Japanese snacks, you can find them at Sundrug at 4-chome, in the heart of Tanuki Koji. At the safe, reliable, and convenient Sundrug, you can feel free to ask the staff for help if you have any questions.
This is a designated tax free store where you can get 10% TAX + 5-8% coupon.
Household medicines / Cosmetics and skin care products / Japanese snacks and souvenirs

Hokkaido Souvenir Shop Kobushiya

We have a large assortment of popular Hokkaido brands such as Shiroi Koibito, Rokkatei, Royce and Jaga Pokkuru, as well as alcohol and horse oil etc. Enjoy casually shopping inside the bright and spacious store.Enjoy casually shopping inside the bright and spacious store. In addition, Kobushiya has patissier handmade sweets that can only be bought here.
Sweets Garden Prateria / A wide variety of Hokkaido / Kobushiya Sapporo, Otaru

Handmade Bag Specialist Store Mizubasho

Mizubasho group continues to pursue the attractive nature of leather products.
We provide the high quality leather goods made by the restless efforts of Hokkaido craftsmen.
Deerskin Bags / Small Deerskin Items / Horse Leather Cordovan / Mizubasho Otaru,  Sapporo, Hakodate

AEON Hokkaido

As members of AEON Group in Japan and expanding over Asia, we are AEON Hokkaido representing all of Hokkaido.
We have many convenient services for our customers who are visiting from overseas. We will assist you in your travel of Hokkaido.
Our stores also serve as useful landmarks across Hokkaido.
7 Special Points / AEON ATMs / Aeon Tax Free Store / Shopping from Early Morning to Late Night


This supermarket is convenient for room food. It is open from early morning to night, so you can shop on your way home from sightseeing. Let’s have a relaxing meal in your hotel room.
Convenient MaxValu / Recommendations for in-room dining / Recommended MaxValu store

Delicious Abashiri Premium Seasonal Cuisine

Enjoy the delicious local fish at these stores!
Abashiri Premium Crab / Premium Salmon and Scallops / Seasonal fish / Seasonal Calendar / Fish Shop Map