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Onsen Triangle Area

Mountain climbing, hiking, bird watching, canoeing, etc. Three national parks, an airport, and hot springs are located in the area connected by famous hot springs.

Onsen Triangle Area

Sounkyo Onsen

Kurodake ropeway, one of the gates to Daisetsuzan National Park, the largest in Japan, is located here, making it a popular hot spring for climbers and trekkers. The area is full of thrilling outdoor experiences such as rafting and canyoning in the canyon, the earliest autumn foliage in Japan, the lateest Kurodake ski resort in Japan, and an ice fall festival in winter. This is a full-fledged mountain resort with more than 10 hotels, inns, pensions, visitor centers, photo studios, cafeterias, stores, and other facilities in the natural gorge.


Icefall Festival
Late January - Early March
The Gorge Fire Festival
Late July - Early August

Area Attractions
Photo Museum / Sounkyo Visitor Center / Taisetsu Dam / Distinct Colummer Joints / Kurodake Ropeway / Mikuni Pass / Ukishima Marsh / Ginga no Taki, Ryusei no Taki / Ginsendai

Akanko Onsen

Lake Akanko Onsen is located in Akan-Mashu National Park, a key hot spring in a precious natural environment close to its pristine state and close to Kushiro Marshland National Park, World Heritage Site Shiretoko, Shiretoko National Park and Daisetsuzan National Park. It is home to the natural treasure Marimo, the Japanese red-crowned crane and the largest Ainu village in Japan (Ainu Kotan).


Aisland Akan
January to March
Lake Akan ICE, Aisu, Akan 'Fuyukami'
February 1-March 2

Area Attractions
Akan Sightseeing Steamship / Bokke Trail / Chuului Island / Marimo Exhibition and Observation Center / Lake Akan Eco Museum Center / Ainu Kotan / Ainu Theater – Ikoro / Takimi Bridge

Tokachigawa Onsen

The greatest attraction of Tokachigawa Onsen, located almost in the center of Tokachi, is its brownish-brown mall onsen, one of the world’s leading botanical springs. The soft water is so popular that it is also known as the “hot water of beauty. Tokachi is Japan’s largest food base/factory area, producing vegetables, grains, dairy, and dairy products, and is also a gourmet kingdom with abundant seafood, so you can fully enjoy both hot springs and gourmet cuisine.


Late January to early March
Flower Landscape Hanack and Flower Road
Late June to late July

Area Attractions
Ecology Park / White birch lined road / Tokachi Ranch / Ryugetsu sweetpia garden / Tokachigaoka Observatory / Yotsuba Milk Products / Roadside Station