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Northern Hokkaido Area

It is one of the most popular “nature/experience” areas in Japan, connected to Daisetsuzan National Park, the largest national park in Japan, including lavender, hot springs, and mountain cities.

Northern Hokkaido Area

Asahikawa City

Asahikawa, located almost in the center of Hokkaido and a transportation hub for Hokkaido tourism, is one of the best food cities in Japan, gathering seafood from the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk, meat such as beef, pork, and sheep from the surrounding area, and grain and vegetables grown in high-quality water. Come eat in Asahikawa!

Popular stores

Asahikawa/AEON MALL
AEON MALL Asahikawa Station
Morinoyu Hotel Hanakagura
Morinoyu Hotel Hanakagura
Asahiyama Zoo

Area Attractions
Kamuikotan / Arashiyama Park / Ueno Farm / SANROKU-GAI / Heiwadori Kaimono Kouen / Penguin Walk / Asahikawa Furniture / Asahikawa Winter Festival / Tokiwa Park

Local Gourmet
Asahikawa Ramen / Shio Horumon(salted pig intestines) / shinko-Yaki / Local Sake / Jingiskan / Seafood

Kamikawa Town
Sounkyo Onsen

This town is popular among domestic and international tourists for its natural beauty and Sounkyo hot springs, which spread out at the foot of Kurodake in Daisetsuzan National Park. Visitors can enjoy the unspoiled nature of the Daisetsuzan Federation and the colors of spring, summer, fall, and winter up close.

Area Attractions
Sounkyo Onsen / Kurodake Ropeway / Mikunitoge Pass / Ginga no Taki (Milky Way Falls) / Ryusei no Taki (Shooting Stars Falls) / Married Couple Falls / Distinct Colummer Joints, Obako/Ginsendai/Icefall Festival

Special Product
The best ramen in Japan / Soft Ice Cream / Sake Lees / Local Sake

Biei Town

Biei-cho was popularized by several photographers. Farming scenery in the undulating hills. The charm matched with the four seasons and the sky spread quickly. This is a town where you can fully enjoy the artistic sense.

Area Attractions
Blue Pond / Shikisaino-Oka / Patchwork Road / Mizusawa Dam / Biei Farm / Norokko-go / Shirahige Waterfalls / Biei Shrine / Panorama Road / Activities / Shirogane Onsen

Special Product
Biei Curry Udon / Bread / Soft ice cream / Aoi Ike Cider

Nakafurano Town

Farm Tomita’s lavender fields are representative of Hokkaido’s summer tourism. It is a tradition in Nakafurano Town that attracts visitors not only from Japan but also from all over the world. It is a treasure trove of agricultural products, growing rice, melons, onions, sweet corn, and many other crops.

Area Attractions
Farm Tomita / Hokuseiyama Lavender Garden / Misatosekka(White Lavender) / Cycling / Local Sake Festival / Lavender Festival & Fireworks Display / Rural Scenery

Special Product
Vegetable curry / Nakafurano melon / Watermelon / Green asparagus / Clean rice / Sake lees sweets / Furano wagyu beef

Furano City

Furano City is popular as a ski resort in Hokkaido. Gourmet foods such as cheese, wine, Hokkaido wagyu beef, and fruits, as well as experience menus such as canoeing and rafting are popular as health resorts.

Area Attractions
Kaze no Garden / Furano Ski Resort / Rokugo no Mori / Ningle Terrace / Furano Marche / Rafting / Hot Air Balloon / Furano Ashibetsu Provincial Natural Park

Special Product
Furano Wine / Furano Cheese / Music Box / Campana Rokkatei

Minamifurano Town

It is about 100 minute-drive from New Chitose Airport to this small town, centrally located in Hokkaido blessed with fresh water and surrounded on all four sides by mountains. You will be able to see a whole new world by surrendering yourself to grand nature. Welcome to Minamifurano, a sacred ground that offers lots of activities for visitors.

Area Attractions・activities
Lake Kanayama / Roadside Station Minami Furano / Ice Fishing / Backcountry / Snowshoeing / Rafting / Canyoning / Camping

Takikawa City

Takikawa takes pride in planting the most prominent canola flower fields in Japan. Beginning from the middle of May to the beginning of June, a beautiful carpet of yellow is spread across the city.

Area Attractions
Canola Flowers bloom in the Rolling Hills / Takikawa Sky Museum / Glider Airplane Experience / Takikawa Paper Lantern Festival / Water Sports Experience

Special Product
Matsuo Jingisukan / Takikawa Craft Beer / Nabana

Horokanai Town

Horokanai is the town with the largest area of buckwheat cultivation in Japan. In summer, the buckwheat flowers bloom in profusion, looking like a white carpet.
This beautiful scenery is so beautiful that it is said, “It snows twice in Horokanai. The light and colors of the buckwheat fields change in the morning and evening, attracting photographers and tourists alike.

Area Attractions
Soba-no-hana view point / Ponkotan Railway Bridge / Former JR Fukana Line Numaushi Station / Moshiri Crystal Park / New Soba Festival / Lake shumarinai / Ice fishing for wakasagi / Shumarinai Lakeside Camp Ground / SOBA culture experience

Special Product
Soba / Pasta / Horokanai Soba flour / Soba seeds / Soba shochu Horokanai / pure Soba honey / Soba seed kamaboko