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Hakodate Dining GAYA

We want you to eat Hakodate rice with peace of mind and a full stomach.
The Kaisendon set that you can customize and the 5 sets for lunch are very popular.
GAYA is a 2-minute walk from Hakodate Station.

Great value lunch time

Lunch-only, customizable kaisendon set

You can choose from a total of 12 different bowls of rice.

Very popular lunch 5-set sashimi set (with drink and dessert)

A set meal of assorted sashimi freshly arrived that day.

Seating at GAYA

At the counter, table seat or in a private room.
We have arranged our seating variation in accordance with patron numbers and requests.
We are popular for both lunch and dinner.



Live crabs & fish

Our connoisseurs' purchase on the finest of ingredients. Don't miss the recommended menu, which varies from day to day.

Rice bowls of 3 or 5 toppings

Choose from sea urchin, salmon roe, scallop, shrimp, crab, squid, tuna, salmon, or fish of the day. Enjoy our original Kaisen Donburi.

Assorted sashimi

The flavor of fresh seafood condensed onto a single plate. It's Hokkaido after all! You'll be left roaring with satisfaction.

Click or Scan for Menu.

(Japanese notation)

GAYA donburi (sea urchin, salmon roe, scallop, crab)

A GAYA-style arrangement of the best ingredients for a seafood bowl.

Kaisen dosanko shio ramen (salt flavor)

GAYA-style ramen with Hakodate salt flavor and Hokkaido seafood


Nigirizushi made with high quality ingredients from Hokkaido

Yakumo beef round steak

Bite-sized pieces of Wagyu beef from Yakumo Town, Hokkaido

Grilled abalone

Grilled abalone, the ultimate dish

Assorted seasonal live shellfish

We will take it out of the fish tank and prepare it for you.

Fresh grilled fat king crab leg

Even a single leg is very satisfying!

Assorted skewers

9 kinds of chicken skewers, pork skewers and vegetable skewers with special miso

Speaking of Hokkaido

The ever-popular jingisukan

Buttered corn

A popular dish for children as well.

Special tuna bowl

You can taste red meat, medium fatty tuna, and negitoro at one time.

Reservations for Multi-course Meals

We offer multi-course meals for a variety of occasions such as banquets, traditional Japanese dinner parties, and anniversaries.
Reservations are accepted for parties of three or more.
We also offer a variety of courses for groups.
Please feel free to contact us.

Automated telephone bookings(Japanese only)

Travel agents are kindly requested to use this number. 

Check social media for our special offers!

Gaya’s official social media sites provide timely information on budget-friendly promotions, recommendations, and more.
Please follow us for the latest news from Gaya.

the Basics of Japanese cuisine

Japanese food=the five methods, five flavors, five colors, five senses, and five aptitudes of Japanese cuisine=food that keeps you healthy and energized (five organs: oriental medicine) Please enjoy the ingredients arranged in a bowl with Japanese chopsticks.

Five flavors =hot, sweet, sour, salty, bitter
Five colors=green, red, yellow, white, black (color of food or vessel)
     *Green and sour=for a strong liver; red and bitter=for a strong heart; yellow and sweet=for a strong spleen.
        White and spicy=nourishes strong lungs; black and salty=nourishes strong kidneys
Five methods/cooking methods=serving raw (cut)=raw food, boiling=simmered food, grilling =baked/roasted food, steaming=steamed food, frying=deep fried food
Five senses/senses=sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch
The five aptitudes/=the right temperature, the right ingredients, the right amount, the right technique, and the right theory.
Five organs/viscera=heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys
Five elements/thought =wood, fire, earth, metal, water

Access & Sightseeing

Hakodate Dining Gaya(GA・YA)

Wakamatsu-cho 8-14, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
 Lunch: 11:00a.m.〜(lo)2:30p.m.
 Dinner: 5:00p.m.〜(lo)22:45p.m.
Irregular holidays

Credit card that can be used
VISA, Master, JCB, Amex, Diners, Union Pay, ALIPAY

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