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AEON Hokkaido Co., Ltd.

Minami 1-10, Hondori 21chome, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo-shi
TEL +81-11-865-4120

Hokkaido Travel & AEON

Hello everyone. As members of AEON Group in Japan and expanding over Asia, we are AEON Hokkaido representing all of Hokkaido.
We have many convenient services for our customers who are visiting from overseas. We will assist you in your travel of Hokkaido.
Our stores also serve as useful landmarks across Hokkaido.

Special Points of AEON

AEON is open from early morning to late night (8:00 AM to 11:00 PM, differing depending on location).

We have a great variety of dining options including food court, restaurant area, bento lunches and drinks.

AEON is a tax-free store. We have a large selection of Japanese daily goods such as medicine, cosmetics, health food, cameras, home electric appliances, out-door wear, food, liquor, and souvenirs.

AEON has ATMs that allow you to withdraw Japanese yen supporting Cirrus, PLUS, and Union-Pay credit cards.

They are in the same towns as Hokkaido’s airports making them very convenient.

With the popularization of inbound one-way flights to various Hokkaido airports costing 11,000 yen from Japanese airports such as Tokyo’s Haneda airport, we hope to serve as helpful landmarks for your vast journeys across Hokkaido. We look forward to you visiting our stores.

7 Special Points

Shopping from Early Morning to Late Night

At AEON we have food courts and restaurant areas open late. Great for when dinner time gets a little late.

The food section has shops that are open from 8:00 AM until 11:00 PM. It’s very helpful for picking up bento lunch boxes, everyday meals and drinks when you have to depart early in the morning or arrive late at night.
The clothing and pharmaceutical products sections and AEON Bank’s ATMs are also accessible until late giving you peace of mind.

The food section 8:00a.m. – 11:00p.m.

* Business hours differ from store to store. Please confirm the information of individual stores in detail.


The AEON Bank set up at AEON accepts credit cards issued overseas that display the mark of PLUS, VISA, Cirrus, UnionPay, MasterCard, and Maestro, and allows the withdrawal of Japanese yen.
※Some locations have ATMs that do not support this service.

Enjoy your journey with the WAON card

What is WAON?

This is electronic money provided by AEON.

This is recommended for travel in Hokkaido, where you are likely to spend coins for anything.
1. download the WAON app to your smartphone for free. You can purchase a card for 300 yen at any Aeon shop.
2. charge and pay with WAON.
3. points are accumulated on the card.

How to obtain WAON
Purchased at AEON service counters. Alternatively, the WAON app can be downloaded to your smartphone.

Charging method
To use WAON, first charge (deposit) cash (Japanese yen).

Where WAON can be used.
Find a shop where you can use WAON

How to use WAON
When paying, please state that you are paying with WAON and touch your WAON card to the reader/writer (reader) installed at the cash register.
When you hear “WAON!” is sounded, your payment is complete.
One mile is earned for every 200 yen (including tax) spent with WAON.
Miles will accumulate within two to three weeks after making a purchase.
Miles are not awarded for payments of less than 200 yen (including tax) per transaction.
Some products cannot be paid for with WAON.

5%OFF Coupon

This coupon is smart phone use only. Please apply from the QR code below.

Can be used at all Aeon and Aeon Style stores nationwide.
Web coupons can only be used once per day for each company.

Web coupons are for foreign visitors to Japan and cannot be used by Japanese nationals.

Products not eligible for discount
School bags, beer, sparkling wine, all third-category beers, books, magazines, video game consoles, portable game console units, cigarettes, stamps, gift certificates, speciality shops, counselling cosmetics and restaurants. The products eligible for discounts vary from shop to shop.

Aeon Tax Free Store in Hokkaido

Store Introduction

Sapporo City

Sapporo Suburbs

Hakodate Area

Asahikawa Area

Kushiro / Obihiro Area

Okhotsk Area & Others

AEON Tax-free Shops

Tax-free shops in Japan have received qualification of tax-free shop (place of sale for export products) from the government. Items are processed appropriately based on law.
This tax-free service is limited to non-resident foreign tourists.

For shopping within

Total price of
consumable items
exceeding 5,000 yen but below 500,000 yen (tax excluded).

Total price for
general items
exceeding 5,000 yen (tax excluded).

Total price for
consumable items+general items
exceeding 5,000 yen but below 500,000 yen
(tax excluded).

Purchase items as usual,
and pay at the cashier.

Have ready your purchased items, receipt and passport,

Go through procedure at the service counter or TAX free counter.

  • Items will be wrapped in a special bag that is not to be opened for use for the duration remaining in Japan.
  • Do not open until leaving Japan.
  • The taxed amount is reimbursed in cash.

Consumable Items
food, fruits, cosmetics, Japanese liquor, drinks, pharmaceutical products

Beverages (including alcohol)
Beverages (including alcohol)
Medicinal products
Medicinal products
Foods (including confectionary and snacks)
Foods (including confectionary and snacks)

General Items
folk crafts, watches, jewelry, clothing, kimonos, bags, shoes, cameras, household electrical appliances

Cameras, Video cameras
Cameras, Video cameras
Electrical appliances
Electrical appliances

What is MaxValu?
This is an AEON Group supermarket convenient for buying food and daily necessities. It is open from early morning until night, so you can shop on your way home from sightseeing.
UnionPay card, ALIPAY and WeChat pay are accepted in some shops. Various types of credit cards are accepted. There is also a convenient AEON ATM for cashing out.
There is a wide selection of packed lunches, sweets, cut fruits and drinks, which can be used as hotel room meals or as a dining room as some shops have an eat-in corner.

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