Hokkaido, Horokanai Town
Japan's No.1 Soba Village
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Soba-no-hana view point

Snow falls twice a year

Introduction of soba stores

Famous soba stores

Adventure SOBA Tour

Cultural tour
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New buckwheat noodle festival

Popular events in September

Access to Horokanai Town

About 90 minutes by car from Asahikawa Airport

Horokanai Town

Soba-no-hana view point

Horokanai is the town with the largest area of buckwheat cultivation in Japan. In summer, the buckwheat flowers bloom in profusion, looking like a white carpet.
This beautiful scenery is so beautiful that it is said, “It snows twice in Horokanai.
The light and colors of the buckwheat fields change in the morning and evening, attracting photographers and tourists alike.

There are four viewpoints in the town of Horokanai. There are information boards along the road, so please take a look.

1. Pure white hill (Shinnariu Area)

The viewpoint called “Junpaku no Oka” (pure white hill) is located in the Shinnarui area, about 6 km south of the Horokanai Town Hall, and was the first viewpoint developed in the town. Here, the white hill is gently curved and looks like a pure white veil. Please stop and take your time to view it.
parking space and benches are available.

2. White silver hill (Shinnariu Area)

This viewpoint was established in 2013. Entering at the information board 1.6 km up on the city side from the pure white hill to the left, you will find the recommended spot, White silver hill, Hakugin-no-oka, where you can overlook the sparkling landscape of pure white buckwheat flowers. The white buckwheat flowers all over the hill are reminiscent of the silvery white world of winter, even though it is summer.

3. White carpet field (Shinnariu Area)

This viewpoint was established in 2014. It is located 300m closer to Horokanai city center from the Pure White Hill.

4. Buckwheat flowers, soba-no-hana viewpoint (Seiwa Area)

The Masawa area is popular as a spot rich in nature. White buckwheat fields stretch as far as the eye can see. In the early morning, fog rolls in, creating a fantastic atmosphere, and in the evening, the setting sun turns the sky and the land red. From the viewpoint, you can see not only the soba fields, but also Mt. Santosan, one of the 100 most famous mountains in Hokkaido, and the surrounding mountains. The soba fields in the Masawa district are a place where visitors can experience the charm of Hokkaido’s nature.

Introduction of soba stores

Japan's largest soba (buckwheat noodle) village in terms of both production and area planted.
Experience the great nature of Hokkaido Horokanai

Adventure SOBA Tour

This is a premium tour that combines a SOBA culture experience, a special meal using seasonal local ingredients, and an overnight stay at Lake Shumarinai, a sacred place for anglers, with a nature experience, while interacting with producers in Horokanai, the best soba village in Japan.

SOBA cultural

Visitors can experience Japan’s best buckwheat noodles through a guided tour of the buckwheat fields, milling factory and storage facilities, which are normally inaccessible, a buckwheat noodle making experience, a buckwheat noodle taste comparison and a lunch of the finest buckwheat noodles. In particular, you can learn how to make buckwheat noodles directly from a senior buckwheat noodle maker.

Nature experience

In the Shumarinai Lake area, which attracts anglers from all over the country as the habitat of Japan’s largest freshwater fish Sakhalin taimen “Itou”, said to be a phantom fish. It is possible to experience nature according to the season. The experience includes a walk through the virgin forest and an Itou fishing experience, which can be enjoyed by beginners as all equipment can be rented and a dedicated guide will lead the way. The Itou fishing experience is conducted on a chartered boat to an uninhabited island, so you can also enjoy sightseeing in a private space.

Accommodation and meals

Special dishes using seasonal local produce will be prepared at Lake House Shumarinai, the largest hotel in the town, which is located on the shores of Lake Shumarinai. Farm produce harvested during the tour and smelt “wakasagi” and amemasu trout caught by those participating will also be cooked. Other rare Hokkaido game dishes such as aged venison and Suffolk meat locally caught by hunters, and beverages such as Hokkaido sake and wine can also be requested in advance according to your budget.

Horokanai Town New Soba Festival

Many soba stores from the town and all over Japan will gather to enjoy a soba-eating contest, and competitions will be held throughout the two days, including the Amateur Soba Making Dan Certification Tournament, the Hokkaido Amateur Soba Making Meijin Tournament, and the National Women’s Soba Making Meijin Tournament. There will also be a Soba Panel Exhibition where visitors can try their hand at stone milling, as well as an exhibition of heavy machinery used in the soba fields. This event is a great opportunity to enjoy Horokanai, the best soba town in Japan, and is usually enjoyed by many visitors from inside and outside of the town.

Period : early September each year
Place of the event : around the Horokanai Town Hall
Main Activities : Eating and drinking plaza, stage show, panel exhibition, etc.

Horokanai-cho Access

*The time required is the shortest time calculated by Google Maps. Please refer to it only as a reference.

By car (open road)
1 h 22 min. 60.8km

Airport bus 45 min.
JR 18 min.
JR Bus 1 hour 19 min.
For Horokanai and Nayoro.
By car (highway)
41 min. 26.3 km
36 min. 47.3 km
By car (open road)
43 min. 38.9km
Airport bus 45 min.
JR 1 hour 49 min.
JR Bus 1 hour 22 min.
For Horokanai and Fukagawa.
By car (highway)
2 hour 12 min. 171km
By car (open road)
47 min. 38.5km
JR 1 hour 50 min.
JR Bus 1 hour 21 min
For Horokanai and Nayoro.
By car (highway)
2 hour 43 min. 216km
By car (open road)
43 min. 38.9km
JR 3 hour 34 min.
JR Bus 1 hour 22 min.
For Horokanai and Fukagawa.

Koryu Plaza, Horokanai, Horokanai-cho, Uryu-gun, Hokkaido
TEL: +81-165-35-2380  FAX: +81-165-35-2555

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