Okushiri Airport

An exotic, retro town Hakodate Airport & Okushiri Airport Area

Hakodate opened its doors early on as a supply center for the United States and Russia, and has continued to grow along with the development of the port. The Motomachi district, which stretches to the foot of Mount Hakodate, is lined with Russian and British architectural styles and is popular for its exotic atmosphere.
It is also famous for the last battle of the Meiji government that took place at Goryokaku. The area is famous for its cherry blossoms in spring.

1F/Airline Ticket Counter, Departure Lobby, Arrival Lobby, Vending Machine Area
2F/Observation deck

Floor Map

Departure Counter
Departure Lobby
Arrival Lobby

Okushiri Island offers crystal clear waters and pristine nature.
You can enjoy various marine activities, cycling, park golf, camping, and fishing among other outdoor activities. The island’s gourmet cuisine includes the ocean’s bounty such as sea urchin and abalone, the mountain’s bounty such as butterbur and bracken, wine, and wagyu beef. A lap around the island is about 66 km and can be travelled by bus, hired car, rental car, or rental bicycle to enjoy unique rock formations, 100-year-old beech forests, history, lifestyle, and culture.

We provide information on transportation for Okushiri Airport.


There are two local bus services on Okushiri Island.
Both start at the bus center in front of the Okushiri Port Ferry Terminal, and one goes via Miyatsu/Inaho to the Nonamae area. The other goes through Aonae to the Kamuiwaki area on the west coast and returns to Okushiri Port.

Inquiries: Okushiri Town Business Management Division +81-1397-2-4111

Car rental

Okushiri Rent-a-Car
Vehicle Types:Light car (kei car)/1500CC/2000CC
Inquiries: +81-1397-2-7210 *Phone and reservations only

Okushiri Airport Rent-a-Car
Vehicle Types:Light car (kei car)(Automatic transmission only)
Inquiries: +81-1397-3-2008 *Phone and reservations only

Unimaru Rent-a-Car
Vehicle Types:Light car (kei car)(Automatic transmission only)
Inquiries: +81-1397-2-7030 *Phone and reservations only

Honda Rent-a-Car Kobayashi
Vehicle Types:Light car (kei car)
Inquiries: +81-1397-2-2279

This service connects Okushiri Airport to the Okushiri area where the ferry terminal is located.
[Reservation/Inquiry] Aonae Hire tel +81-1397-3-2339(8:00a.m.~5:00p.m.)

Operating times
From the airport: 15 minutes after flight arrival
From the ferry: 11:00 A.M.

Usage information
From the airport: can be boarded without prior reservation
From the ferry: phone reservation at least one day prior.

Okushiri Airport – Okushiri area: 1,000 yen per person

Operation period
July 1 – September 13 (Closed: August 25)
* Operates every day until August 31.
* Operates on weekends and holidays from September onwards.

Boarding location
In front of Okushiri Port Ferry Terminal

Boarding times/Fares

 Northern CourseSouthern Course
Departure time2:00p.m.3:30p.m.
Travel time75 mins.150 mins.
Middle school students and older2,500 yen3,800 yen
Elementary school students and younger1,500 yen2,000 yen

Northern+Southern Course Set Price 5,800 yen / 3,000 yen

Aonae Hire: +81-1397-3-2339

Sightseeing inquiries
Okushiri Island Tourism Association: +81-1397-2-3456
Okushiri Town Regional Policy Division, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Section: +81-1397-2-2351

* Reservations are required for both the Northern and Southern Courses. Please call by 5:00 p.m. the day prior.
* Reservations may be declined depending on availability (maximum 13 people for each course)

Northern Course

Northern Course
Okushiri Port front (2:00 p.m.) → Miyatsu Bentengu Shrine → Sainokawara Park → Kyujimayama Observatory→Okushiri Port front(3:15p.m.)

Southern Course
Okushiri Port (3:30 p.m.) → Nabetsuru Iwa → Unimaru Park → Mikageishi Beach → Okushiri Island Tsunami Memorial Museum → Jikusho (Cenotaph) → Norihiro Memorial Ryokuchi Park → Muenjima Island → Hoyaishi・Hoyaishi Waterfall → Mottatsu Iwa → Kitaoimisaki Park → Okushiri Winery (except Sunday) → Okushiri Port (6:00 p.m.)

Travel between Esashi and Okushiri in about 130 mins.
No reservation is required for foot passengers. Reservations are required for vehicle boarding.
Please check the Heartland Ferry website for operating hours and fares.

【Inquiries and vehicle boarding reservations】
Dedicated phone number for reservations: 81-570-02-8010(9:00 A.M. – 5:00 p.m.)
Inquiries phone number: 81-570-09-8010(9:00 A.M. – 5:00 p.m.)

  • Departing from in front of Okushiri Port Ferry Terminal
    The last bus in the Aonae – Kamuiwaki direction departs from the bus center at 15:45.
  • The last bus in the Sainokawara – Noname direction also departs from the bus center at 15:45.