Shumarinai Lake, Horokanai Town, Hokkaido

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Lake Shumarinai
Ice fishing for wakasagi

<Overview of Lake Shumarinai>
■Asahikawa Airport – Lake Shumarinai (approx. 2 hours by car)
■New Chitose Airport – Lake Shumarinai (approx. 3 hrs 30 mins by car))

Lake Shumarinai is a year-round fishing destination, with trout season from May to November and wakasagi season from January to March.
In winter, the lake is enveloped in a blanket of snow, with breathtaking views of the sun pillars and diamond dust glistening down on the lake surface.
Enjoy the magnificent scenery and enjoy wakasagi fishing, which is fun for everyone from families to experienced anglers.

Shumarinai Lake Ice Night Fishing Tour

Holding period: Jan. 20 – Mar. 20

Try your hand at nighttime wakasagi fishing at a specially set up wakasagi fishing site on the lake, which is normally inaccessible. Ride a snowmobile and head for the illuminated wakasagi fishing tent village on the pitch-dark lake. The space where several lantern-lit tents are erected is an extraordinary place itself. Guides will teach you how to fish and tips, so even beginners can feel at ease. In addition to fishing, we also offer hospitality dishes using local specialties and optional experiences. It is sure to be a special experience!



Meet at Lake House Shumarinai
(Please check-in in advance)


∙ Snowmobile ride to the lake
∙ The nighttime wakasagi fishing experience starts.
∙ Hospitality and meal service
∙ Optional activities

Around 21:00

After the experience, travel by snowmobile. Return to the lodge.

What to bring

Please bring your own ski wear, gloves, hat, and boots.
If you wish to rent, please let us know your size.
Please note that the number of rental items is limited.

Contact information

●NPO Lake Shumarinai World Centre
TEL +81-165-38-2029   FAX +81-165-38-2222

Warm Gourmet Hospitality

During the Shumarinai Lake ice night fishing experience, three types of gourmet hospitality meals will be offered, utilizing local specialties.

Lake Shumarinai & Horokanai Soba collaboration "Chikara (Power) Soba"

This is a Horokanai-inspired menu featuring handmade buckwheat noodles made from Horokanai buckwheat flour, which is Japan's top specialty in terms of both acreage and production, topped with Horokanai mochi (rice-cake), grated radish, and shrimp from Lake Shumarinai.

Horokanai buckwheat mochi shiruko (rice-cake sweet soup)

This menu was developed based on a recipe handed down in the region. The rice cake is made from a mixture of buckwheat flour and buckwheat seeds, and the roasted buckwheat seeds are crispy and fragrant, spreading the flavor of buckwheat. All the ingredients, including the "erimo" type of azuki beans, are grown in Horokanai.

Horokanai canele

Local producers and others have developed canele out of a desire to create a local specialty. Please enjoy two types of canele: a buckwheat canele made with Horokanai buckwheat and Horokanai buckwheat honey, and a rice flour canele made with Horokanai "Nanatsuboshi" rice.

Optional Activities

During the Shumarinai Lake night ice fishing experience, or before or after, we have prepared five activities that will allow you to learn about the natural attractions of Horokanai-cho and communicate with its residents.

●Optional activities that can be done during the experience

(1) Night snowmobile experience

The special experience of driving a snowmobile on the lake in the moonlight is full of adventure and excitement.

(2) Buckwheat husk coke tent sauna

This tent sauna uses buckwheat husk from Horokanai buckwheat as fuel. Visitors can enter the sauna while wearing warm clothes. It can be used as a place to warm up your body after a cold day of wakasagi fishing.

●Optional activities that can be done before or the day after the experience

(3) Horokanai wood workshop

Lectures and workshops by a Meister of Mokuiku (wood growing) to learn about trees.

4) Stained glass experience with motif of itou (Sakhalin taimen) from Shumarinai Lake

Local artists will serve as instructors to create stained glass windows with the motif of Itou, a phantom fish that lives in Shumarinai Lake.

5) Making a galette using Horokanai buckwheat

A buckwheat specialist who produces and mills buckwheat will lead the class in making galette using buckwheat flour ground for the galette.

Enjoy wakasagi fishing

Fishing season: winter 10 Jan-10 Apr.
*Start may be delayed or end earlier depending on conditions on the lake.

At temperatures of 30 °C below zero, the world is home to beautiful natural phenomena beyond imagination, such as diamond dust and sun pillars. Wakasagi fishing on lakes with ice more than one metre thick, and trout fishing by snowmobile while searching for the best spots, are completely different from the attractions of the summer.

Contact details

Shumarinai-ko FreshwaterFisheries Cooperative Association

Fishing season

10 Jan-10 Apr
*Start may be delayed or end earlier depending on conditions on the lake.

Fishing hours

6:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.

Fishing-lot charge

One-day ticket 1,300 yen (half-price for elementary and junior high school students, free for infants)
Coupon tickets (Jan-Mar) 6,500 yen (set of 6)

Parking fee

300 yen per vehicle
Please pay together with the fishing fee at reception.


●NPO Lake Shumarinai World Centre
(Shumarinai-ko Freshwater Fisheries Cooperative Association)

Point of sale transfer service

Lake Shumarinai is one of the heaviest snowfall areas in the province. The snow is so thick on the ice that it is difficult to get around on foot.
In such cases, you can use the snowmobile service to take you to the stations located at various points on the lake.
Special plans are also available for a limited number of people to take them to areas a little further away from the stations.
For enquiries and to apply for the pick-up and drop-off service, contact the Shumarinai Lake Freshwater Fisheries Cooperative.

Contact details

Shumarinai-ko Freshwater Fisheries Cooperative Association


From 7:00a.m.
From 200 yen per person, depending on the point.
For pick-up and drop-off at points other than the station,
2,000 yen per person (time can be specified).

Various rentals

Various rentals are available, so you can come by empty-handed.

Contact details

Shumarinai-ko Freshwater Fisheries Cooperative Association


tackle set600 yen (rod, traps, bait, chair and ice net)
tents (for 4 persons)2,500 yen
cassette gas-powered heaters1,000 yen
sled350 yen (very useful for transporting luggage)

Camping & Accommodation

Shumarinai Lake, Horokanai Town access

*The time required is the shortest time calculated by Google Maps. Please refer to it only as a reference.

By car (highway)
41 min. 26.3 km
36 min. 47.3 km
By car (open road)
43 min. 38.9km
Airport bus 45 min.
JR 1 hour 49 min.
JR Bus 1 hour 22 min.
For Horokanai and Fukagawa.
By car (open road)
1 h 22 min. 60.8km

Airport bus 45 min.
JR 18 min.
JR Bus 1 hour 19 min.
For Horokanai and Nayoro.
By car (highway)
2 hour 43 min. 216km
By car (open road)
43 min. 38.9km
JR 3 hour 34 min.
JR Bus 1 hour 22 min.
For Horokanai and Fukagawa.
By car (highway)
2 hour 12 min. 171km
By car (open road)
47 min. 38.5km
JR 1 hour 50 min.
JR Bus 1 hour 21 min
For Horokanai and Nayoro.

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